1. PREMIERE: Blueprint — “The Talented Tenth” (AUDIO).

    “So many questioned why the art I made had to change/ ‘Cause I evolved while so many artists stayed the same/ Much respect to all the pioneers who paved the way/ But if I want what they got, I got to make something great/ I don’t believe that any man has all the truth/ Because consciousness changes as man discovers more proof/ You’re not a student until you put that little fact to use/ Nothing scientific, the spiritual is absolute/ A student approaches a master with humility/ Sits in silence and at his feet willingly/ A master gets mad and tells him to hit the streets, ‘You won’t learn a thing if you’re busy sitting here with me’…”

    Blueprint prepares us for his fourth album with a thought-provoking track that gradually builds with an intensity (and that needs no hooks), as the Columbus, Ohio MC offers up insight not only to other rappers, but to people in general who are trying to achieve their goals.

    Blueprint’s King No Crown , drops April 28 on Weightless Recordings .

    Produced by Blueprint

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