1. Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso – “Exalted.”(AUDIO)

    In case you couldn’t tell from Exalted ‘s Black Moses meets submissive Native American squaw babes cover art, Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso are on some vainglorious neo-classical pimp ish . Helming the production side, BSBD creates suitably dark, snail-paced 808-injected tracks. But it’s Nacho’s gravelly vocals that seal the deal – particularly on the gems like “Haile Selassie” (on which Nacho rhymes “Rastafari” with “Ferrari” and “car keys,” and spits the couplet: “Haile Selassie with a splash of Marcus Garvey/ I’m John Belushi meets Chris Farley when I party”). Experience Exalted ‘s power and glory:

    Buy Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso’s Exalted , HERE .

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