1. Enjoy Blackhouse’s “Somali” – Now With “Actual” Somali Pirates (Unofficial Music Video).

    This is apparently a few weeks old – which by Interwebz rules means we should probably ignore it and act like it never existed rather than reveal our tardiness. But given that the work of Georgia Anne Muldrow ‘s been on our minds recently , and that whoever’s responsible for this fan-made video chose some genuinely ill footage, well, we couldn’t resist. The frenetic, whistle-heavy “Somali” by Blackhouse – GAM and DJ Romes ‘ collaborative electronic instrumental project – provides the soundtrack for scenes from “an upcoming documentary’s” depiction of actual the fictional short film, Fishing Without Nets , depicting Somali pirates engaged in their sea vigilante and environmental protection activities. This would include brandishing some heavy weaponry and creeping up on an unsuspecting ship they believe may pose harm to their community (see above). If anyone knows which film this footage is from let us know. In the meantime check out the video and some photos.


    [h/t B+]

    UPDATE: Thanks to the wonderful world of facebookland, we learned this footage isn’t a documentary and is actually the trailer from a short film called Fishing Without Nets that won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

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