1. Black Rob — “About Me” (AUDIO).

    Good to hear that Black Rob is still makin’ moves. His debut album, Life Story , was one of the best albums of 2000, a somewhat underrated LP that you could tell the rapper invested a lot of himself into. Now comes word he’s got the sequel in the works, Life Story 2 , coming soon. The lively “About Me” (produced by DJ Pain 1) gets us looking forward to that release as Rob shares some of the unmistakable charm of his previous efforts, displaying the ability to divulge details of past transgressions or deliver boasts with such personable flair. The hook takes a bit getting used to, true, but musically and lyrics wise, the song is on point.

    “Y’all ain’t want me to raise the roof/ Here’s proof/ Every move that I make is uncouth/ So what you wanna lose, an ear, eye or a tooth?”

    [Via 2DBZ ]

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