1. SEE, HEAR: Black Moon Perform "Who Got Da Props?" on "Rosie Perez Presents Society's Ride" (1993).


    When we say this Black Moon performance on Rosie Perez's short-lived HBO show is live, we really do mean it's Replica Oakley Sunglasses live Replica Oakleys . Buckshot entas da stage flying and doesn't stop hoppin' or kick flippin' around for one sec. 5 Ft. is equally as energetic, the only time he slows down is when a female fan in the front locks her arms around his neck. Through it all, Evil Dee controls the sounds manning the 'tables in the back. It's truly a raw, amped-up effort (a few jarring edits notwithstanding) complete with middle finger waving, hair-pulling, back packing, beeper flashing and shout outs. If that weren't enough: Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) does the intro. Oakley Sunglasses Cheap

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    Perez's program, sadly, didn't last long. A clue of what went down appeared in Cheap Oakleys a '93 article in Discount Oakley Sunglasses Fake Oakleys Entertainment Weekly Cheap Oakley Sunglasses magazine .

    Rosie Perez said: Fake Oakley Sunglasses ''I told [HBO] I wanted to do a live-to-tape hip-hop show with no compromise. I said, 'I'm going to have a recording artist called BOSS, and she's gonna say, 'F--- around and catch a bad one,' and I'm gonna have reggae artists that say, 'I like to dickie dickie.' And they go, 'Great, great, we love it.' But when they actually saw it, they bugged out.''

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Winston

      wOOoow, I had no idea Rosie even had her own show!! I would've been all over that. A RARE missed opportunity to see great live performances back in that day. Good for her for even attempting something like that. These guys were like 17, if that- when they signed and started!! That was unheard of back then! Very cool post.