1. WATCH: Black Moon: The Beginnings, a Short Doc on Making of Enta Da Stage (VIDEO).


    Another essential hip-hop album turns 20. This time around it's Black Moon 's Cheap Oakleys Enta Da Stage , and to commemorate the occasion, Replica Oakleys Duck Down put together this concise 6-minute look back at the start of Buckshot , 5FT and DJ Evil Dee 's journey, from their dance origins to meeting up with Chuck Chillout to arguments with the engineer over the LP's sound.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Winston

      One of the rawest albums I own. Took me a while to realize M.Deep(Hav) and even Dru Ha were on the last track. It must've hit me like '95/'96 when I realized this. Even worse, til this day I still say Powaful impak-BOOM from the cannon! Didn't hit me that THAT sample was Busta from Scenario til' like '99 or something, crazy. Not that I didn't know, but I never realized bc the hook fit so well with the track Powaful Impak. But That's how good Evil Dee is/was with making tracks for his camp. His samples are so in tune with their tracks that you forget or don't even realize the original sample, no matter how many millions of times you may have heard the og sample. I only wish he would still produce for them for ol' time sake, him and Mr. W. Great post Egotrip.

    • lord digress

      Dru Ha always gets the pussy cos he tells them that he's Spanish...

      Onyx were on that album too, doin some shouty stuff on the track Enta Da Stage.

      Beatminerz Radio is dope too... they cover loadsa current event stuff... talkin about Foxy Browns deafness*, etc... it's definite must-hear-ting! hah.