Hip-hop loves karate flicks. Word to the Wu-Tang Clan. Martial arts can save your life and get you in great shape. There’s nothing wrong with pumping up that heart rate and getting your handskills together. You just never know when some hip-hop weirdo might put you in a place where you’ve gotta defend yourself – open up a can of whupass and WHUP ASS!

    Growing up in New York City back in the days before the Flatscreens came, I watched the same karate flicks that the RZA would watch. Back then, he was just Bobby. Today, he is so much more! Above is a karate flick I would like you to peep for several reasons, and I would like for you to share your thoughts on this here website. I think the time has come for you to defend yourself. It also might be the time for you to wear makeup and defend a woman from being raped by a gang of deadly black assassins.

    Are you ready to FIGHT for honor, lust, and blood? Are you a real man, or a pretend man? Are you Popeye the Straight Sailor Man or Olive Oyl?

    We shall see.

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