1. Beyond The Black Bar Mitzvah: Rick Ross' Secret Jewish Moments... Revealed!


    Despite everything the Interwebz has done to sharpen your Photoshop detection senses, what you see above is, in fact, real. (As opposed to, oh, say this .) For his latest mixtape cover, Rick Ross channels his inner Jew. He's actually really calling this thing The Black Bar Mitzvah . Granted, the Bawse may enjoy the occasional (okay, frequent) kosher Hebrew National frank. (And who doesn't?) But far as we know, he isn't one of the chosen. Unless he's been keeping it a secret. Until now.

    In a special investigative report, egotripland has come into exclusive possession of heretofore unseen photos of Rick Ross ("Rick Rosh Hashanah"?)'s secret Jewish life. Why Rozay felt compelled to keep his true cultural identity under wraps for this long remains a mystery, but we applaud him for "coming out." Mazel Tov!


    The Black Bris.

    An infant Ross and his Rabbi forever.

    Ride 4 My Ninjas.

    The Teflon Yarmulke as an adolescent - gettin' buck like Trilla On the Roof .

    Manischewitz Music Group.

    The OG MMG.

    Every Day I'm Schvitzin'.

    Because gettin' that (challah) bread is hard work, fam.

    I'm Big Meech, Larry David.

    Larry: "Are you my Caucasian?"
    Rick: "I'm your motherfucking Caucasian!"

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      I want this dudes star to never plummet; reaching Liberace status...he WILL be a Vegas act one day (inshallah)....And on that day, I will pay the cost to spit his face like that lap dog in 'Due Date'! Haha

      @egotripland...this new format is steady (kudos) but my gig blocks the comment capability and ginsu's the comment section entirely...Booo my gig (onyx madface)!
      Y'all know I like to kick it fresh off the top of the dome!

    • http://www.egotripland.com/ ego trip

      a) no comment. (lol)
      b) Tricknology + Illuminati = that ain't right.

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