1. The Bridge (Wars) Is Over - KRS-One, Scott La Rock & Biz Markie Perform & Chill Together in Toronto (1987) (VIDEO).


    Take a look in the rap history books down at the local library (y'know, where they bury the lies) and they'll tell you that in 1987 the beef between Boogie Down Productions and The Juice Crew was in full effect. Or was it?

    From what one can decipher in the following videos, Canadian promoters apparently capitalized on the The Bridge Wars by orchestrating this show at Toronto's Concert Hall in which BDP and The Juice Crew (or just Biz ) were to "battle." But as you'll all see, Scott La Rock (R.I.P.) was less interested in facing off with Biz than he was checking some of the audience members.

    "I wanna say one thing," says the DJ after the conclusion of BDP's set. "How come all the motherfuckers from Toronto up here with slum gold, that fake gold, that fake bullshit?"

    A concert goer decides he wanna test. "And what's that shit?" he replies from front row, referring to Scott La Rock's jewelry.

    "This is real, money," replies Scott. "My watch costs more than your fucking rent does a month." The crowd ooohs, but it's all good. "Toronto, peace! Y'all live," says Scott exiting the stage.


    BDP & Biz Markie Perform in Toronto, Scott La Rock Addresses the Crowd.

    Masonic Temple?! Conspiracy theorists are gonna love this...

    (Props to Hias74 for the upload)

    Biz & Scott La Rock Interviewed. PLUS: A Few Seconds of "Nobody Beats the Biz" Live.

    So much to dig in this clip, including the young rap fan up past his bedtime and the clueless redheaded lady interviewer comparing hip-hop with pro wrestling (on second thought, maybe she isn't as clueless as we thought). To which Biz Mark answers: "We don't say we're the best. We're just out here to do God's duty and rock the house."

    Scott La Rock (billed as "Skot La Rock" on screen), seen here shortly before his untimely death, says some quite poignant words : "There's no need for battlin'. My records speak for me. When I say something on vinyl that's the statement I make. You gonna take me out, take me out on wax." He continues: "I own my own record company. I am young Black entrepreneur. I possess a BS degree in management. I control my own future, my own destiny.


    (Props to BOOTSYGetLIVE for the upload)

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