1. Biz Markie Shows Off Acapellas He Bets You Don't Have In Your Crates (VIDEO).


    The scene is Crotona Park in the Bronx, Summer 2009. As part of the True School Park Jam Series, Biz Markie (with Kid Capri and Grandmaster Caz by his side) entertains the crowd by showing off some of the "rarities" in his collection. If that weren't enough, he sings a bit of Rick James for ya.

    (Shout outs to Tools of War. Props to NoisemakerMediaOne)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/BayAreaWicked WiCkEd

      As dope as that was, I was still disappointed because I had this crazy thought that he was gonna be spinning ACTUAL RECORDS!! So what, these days "exclusive mp3s" is really supposed to mean somethin?!?! Wow... *shaking head*

    • Frank

      The reason he is not spinning records of this is that there are almost no records of this. "The Message" accapella is on a bootleg vinyl, the same goes for the Jackson accapellas. But Bob Marley and most of the rest was never on vinyl as a accapella. He got good friends which provided him with this multitracks or he found them on the interwebz. There is a lot of crazy stuff out there, but not all is on vinyl.