1. SEE, HEAR: Biz Markie Beatboxing & Interviewed by Tim Westwood on British TV (1988).


    Cheap Oakleys The following will no doubt spark some good memories of yesteryear for our British readers, but will also be enjoyed by our peoples here in the States. It's a Replica Oakleys clip of radio DJ Tim Westwood, the long-reigning hip-hop ambassador of England, interviewing the incomparable Biz Markie on his late '80s late night television program N-Sign Radio Fake Oakleys , which was broadcast Fridays on the UK's ITV Network. Even with the music videos edited out, it's still an entertaining five minutes and some seconds of the Biz demonstrating the differences between the Doug E. Fresh, the Fat Boys' Buffy the Human Beatbox and his own style of beatboxing, explaining the real-life inspiration(s) for the you-used-to-dis-me-but-now-I'ma-play-you tune "Vapors" ("It's more like a revenge thing," says Biz Mark about the lyrics which are based on actual events, "Puttin' it back in your face"), and even briefly discusses a proposed cartoon called Mouth Man , which never got beyond the pre-production stages apparently. All this, plus a quick moment of Tim awkwardly trying to give dap to the Biz after the jump...

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    (Props to ‪TheOriginal808beats‬ for the upload.)

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