1. WATCH: Biz Markie on 45 King's "Making the Beat."

    WATCH: Biz Markie on 45 King’s “Making the Beat.”

    For a minute now, legendary producer 45 King has been doing a series of very informal video interviews with long-time famous friends of his in the rap biz. The show's entitled Making the Beat , and the latest features the one and only diabolical Biz Markie . Basic format: Mark throws on a beat, he and his guest chat about anything that kind of randomly pops into their heads (in this case: '80s hip-hop club Latin Quarter, Flavor Unit's Marky Fresh, and um... Biz DJ-ing for Obama!). Sometimes Mark takes a page from the Tom Snyder style book and smokes a cigarette during the interview. There are comically dry spots when no one says anything. It's laid back to the point of being nearly laid out, but don't worry, Biz Mark and Mark never sleep.

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