1. NEW MUSIC: Billy Woods ft. Roc Marciano & Masai Bey - "Body of Work."


    Raw first official single from D.C./NY-bred rapper Billy Woods' forthcoming History Will Absolve Me album. "Body of Work" features an appropriately pounding downtempo beat (courtesy producer Willie Green), liberal sampled doses of the jazz vocal classic "Work Song" on its chorus, and the loose thematic thread of labor. "Is it actually fake when you already posin' as imposters?" Woods queries of those prone to short cutting authenticity. "Negative is trying to convince me to believe positive is a sedative," Woods Bey rhymes of working through life's constant balancing acts. Is it too predictable for us to laud Roc Marciano's typically strong contribution ? Too bad. Rhymes Marcberg: "N*ggas think that they nice/ Scat-rappin' in tights/ That math isn't right/ This is rapper's delight." History Will Absolve Me drops April 10th.


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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Darrell

      What do you guys think of the albums cover art?

    • bboycult

      ^Can't find any mention of who that is in the picture/Audible Treats says that the title is pulled from a Fidel Castro speech and I know Billy Woods is Zimbabwaean descent?? ...other than that it's a picture of what looks like an intelligent African man....how can you go wrong w/that?

      That Reavers CD was that dope smack...on the low!

    • bboycult

      Just because it bugged me...I have never seen a 'young' Robert Mugabe; but I looked him up and that is definitely him.

      No sign/Robert Mugabe
      Cosign/Land Distribution to native African people
      It's a dirty world and politics is a dirty game.

    • egotrip

      Good lookin' out on the sleuthin'. We were wondering about that pic ourselves. bboycult FTW.

    • reggie millz

      That's mugabe. Gottdamn, tyrannical rule really takes a toll.

    • reggie millz

      Shoulda had a ? in there.

    • Armalitia

      the quoted line is NOT Woods. it's Masai Bey.

    • egotrip

      Hopefully, history will absolve our ignorance. Noted & fixed.