1. Bill Murray Not Down With ’80s Technology (VIDEO).

    Bill Murray — sometime in the ’80s — appears on the TV program Wired In to drop Bill Murray-esque thoughts on technological advancements in the Reagan years.

    “They got robots now making cars in the factories. That’s stupid,” he says during his mini “rant.” “Don’t get me wrong. I think R2-D2 was great. He was neat. He was funny, he’s a fine actor. But that’s science fiction movies.”

    The action then cuts to a Las Vegas trade show highlighting some of the most cutting edge products from back in the day: full-sized computers in briefcases, the Diet Trac calculator that electronically figures out a nutrition plan for you, and a rep for Pierre Cardin Electronique explains why designer label electronics are the ish.


    Bill Murray 1980s Technology Rant / Las Vegas Computer Trade Show (VIDEO).

    “People have hands, watches should have hands.”

    (Props to MediaBurnArchive for the upload)

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