1. 10 Videos of The Notorious B.I.G. You Must See.


    Notorious B.I.G. – “Big Poppa” Live

    Contrast the previous vid with this: Biggie performs for what has to be the quietest TV studio audience in the history of rap on TV.

    (Props to noblechild456 for the upload.)

    2Pac & Biggie Source Awards Interviews (1995)

    You don’t wanna be known as the interviewer to whom Biggie once said, “Yo, man you ask some real stupid questions – straight up.”

    (Props to CaliThugBoyz for the upload.)

    Notorious B.I.G. On the Road with Junior M.A.F.I.A. (1995)

    Behind the scenes and performance footage of Biggie rollin’ with JM. Great live version of “Player’s Anthem.”

    (Props to SHOTCALLAZMUSIC for the upload.)

    Notorious B.I.G Platinum Party / Biggie & Puff at Life After Death Recording Sessions

    A veritable potpourri of rare Biggie footage. It kicks off with some cool shots from the B.I.G. Ready To Die platinum party. (The sound drops out but returns later on.) For the real treats go straight to the 2:30 mark, and witness Big vibing to an instrumental of “N*ggas Bleed” at Daddy’s House Studios, hitting the vocal booth to lay down a rough version of the “Hypnotize” chorus, and finally, quite eerily soaking in the sound of his own vocals from “Going Back to Cali.”

    (Props to kizaze for the upload.)

    “Microphone Murderer” (Homemade Video)

    Remixed version of “Microphone Murderer” (a/k/a the “Blind Alley” freestyle from Biggie’s demo tape) gets a great video treatment in this fan video jam packed with rare performance, behind the scenes, and home movie clips. Salute.

    (Props to xXmatt69Xx1 & VoicesOfDaStreetz for the upload.)

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