1. Got $725k? You Could Buy Biggie’s Former Brooklyn Apartment (GALLERY).

    Please don’t kick in the door and wave the .4-4. Just kindly wipe your feet on the mat and check out the fully gentrified Clinton Hill crib (it’s gleaming) where a young Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace was raised. And if you have three quarters of a million dollars it can be yours.

    This, however, is not the first time Big’s BK apartment (located at 226 Saint James St.) has been up for sale. A look at the property’s history reveals that when it was last sold on the market in 2004 it fetched a then relatively paltry $424,866. Things done changed. The owner is smackin’ it, flippin’ it, and rubbin’ prospective buyers down for $300k more. But that shouldn’t be a problem for whichever rap-lovin’ baller scoops up the space. (If an egotripland readers buys it, invite us to the house warming, yo!)


    [ New York Daily News ]

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