1. Watch a Rare UK TV Interview with Biggie from 1995 (VIDEO).


    We've never heard of Passengers before, to be honest. But back in 1995, the UK youth magazine TV program featured a pretty cool segment on The Notorious B.I.G. filmed largely in Brooklyn. In addition to seldom-seen-on-these-shores footage of B.I.G., it features a touching visit with his moms Ms. Voletta Wallace (who maintains, contrary to "Juicy's" verses, "Christmas NEVER missed us"), and interviews with "Little" Kim, Faith Evans and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Also features Biggie's observations of his hometown from the bygone, pre-artisnal cupcake/craft beer era of BK: "Brooklyn ain't really no different from nobody else hood. But it's just that n*ggaz is sheisty!"

    [via Gwarizm & Miss Info ; props to jimbeanthelegend1982 for the upload]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Pet E. Bone

      Was that Lil' Fame who came to the studio and they had beef with?

    • saul good
    • HughPhug

      man i remember watching this back home. Passengers was one of those late night channel 4 shows that kept it real, real music, drugs, nudity. Ice-T had a cool show too on UK tv. Most people didnt know we represented so deep, but we did.
      awesome seeing Biggie spitting game

    • sonny7

      Yeah, I too remember watching Passengers back in the day, channel 4 is complete bobbins these days too many property and food programmes.

    • Malik Shabazz