1. Biggie on Stage in London Back in 1995 (VIDEO).

    On March 9th 1997, we lost B.I.G. , but his memory lives on 16 years later. Here we see Biggie , Puff , and Lil’ Cease in London back in ’95 rockin’ the Hammersmith Palais stage at a party for Tim Westwood celebrating joining Radio 1.

    “We’re gonna hit y’all with every song on the muthafuckin’ album!” screams Puffy in between performances of Ready to Die tracks “Warning” and “Gimme The Loot,” “Juicy,” as well as the club banger “Who Shot Ya?” (Sadly, it’s only 8 minutes of footage, but it’s most definitely worth watching.)

    We’ll always miss Big Poppa for real.

    [Via Miss Info . Props to Tim Westwood.]

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