1. The Lyrics to Biggie's "Juicy"... In Illustrated Form (GALLERY).


    Part of the late, great Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace 's immense talent as a lyricist was his ability to craft rhymes so memorable you could practically visualize them. Designer/illustrator/lettering artist Jay Roeder obviously agrees. Self described as being "addicted to drawing letters, lyrics and random stuff," Roeder devoted a series of fly illustrations to Biggie's lyrics from his breakthrough hit, "Juicy," finishing one per week between April 2011 and May 2012 until (almost all) the words to the entire song were completed.

    So listen and enjoy this hip-hop classic whilst following the words as rendered by Roeder (with a few typos and certain few "conspicuous" lines missing). And if ya don't know, now ya know, ninja.


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    Biggie Smalls — "Juicy" (Bad Boy, 1994)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • TheAntithesis

      Isn't it "Smoking weed in Bamboo"?

    • http://www.egotripland.com/ ego trip

      Actually, it might be "Bambu" as in the brand of rolling papers. There's definitely some select mispellings (e.g. "Lovebug Starsky" instead of Starski) but hey. That's hip hop for ya.

    • KC

      I want about a dozen of these in t-shirt form.

    • Biggie's Biggest Fan From Cali

      this is AWESOME

    • Winston

      Cool, would love to know exactly what the hook says...more so towards the end of each hook. You gotta a goal...something something many...bc you're the only one, I'll give you good and plenty?? Nice illustrations!

    • Haydia Haniff

      Where can I buy these???

    • Sarita

      These are pretty freakin' awesome! One thing, though, is that there's a typo in the illustrations for the chorus. It currently reads, "And if you don't know, KNOW you know..." It should be "And if you don't know, NOW you know..."

    • Skollyhood