1. Big Daddy Kane on Trying to Get Jay-Z a Deal & Performing at the 2013 Inaugural Ball (VIDEO).

    King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal sat down with Fuse and shared some stories, like running into Dave Chappelle at Barclays Center and trying to get Jay-Z signed back in the day. As Kane recalls, labels fronted, saying things like, “He can rhyme… but he can never make records” and “I like the music, but he don’t have a look. People are not gonna want to see him on the regular.” Of course, Hov would have the last laugh, which makes BDK happy. “Now all those [A&Rs who didn’t believe] have to kiss his behind,” he says.

    He also marvels at the experience of doing a Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell thing with MC Lyte at the 2013 Inaugural Ball.

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