1. Big Daddy Kane Joins a Band, Crashes High School Dance in Group's First Video.


    Longtime fans of Big Daddy Kane know he's always embraced other forms of music , so it shouldn't come as no real big surprise to see him try something different. This time around, he's teamed up with NYC-based musicians from the Lifted Crew to form the R&B/soul band Las Supper . Their clean-cut first single, "I Believe in Love Again," is sorta like the mainstream stuff Cee-Lo is doing now. Real curious to know what y'all think.


    Las Supper's Back To The Future album out now.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • leotard legend

      not the kind of stuff that I usually check for, but kudos to the Kane for trying something different. I'd rather see him experimenting with something like this than coming out with an album of rehashed beats and themes like so many other old school rappers do...

    • BlondieDeville

      Sounds a little too perfect, would have liked it to be a little more gritty the beat & the vid but otherwise it's coo I love me some Sadiq & Cee lo so could really enjoy this...

    • bboycult

      5 steps BELOW Outkast/Bryan Barber/Love Below era Music/Visuals
      2 steps ABOVE a sincere Christian Rap attempt to co-op above said era (Thank fuck that is NOT what this project is; can you all imagine the HORROR!?!)
      7 steps ABOVE anything Cee-Lo Green circa 2012-?