1. SEE, HEAR: Big Daddy Kane TV Interview (1991).

    In an engaging Ebony/Jet Showcase sit down with Big Daddy Kane that’s just over two decades old, one of the greatest to ever do it shares some personal moments talking about his family, goes shopping for suits in Chicago (at “Le Funch…for Men”) and even addresses the rumors that he had AIDS. (In an eerie moment, he mentions another rumor at the time about the late Jam Master Jay.)

    Kane: “I’d love to be the next Fred Williamson, who could come to town, jump out of a jacuzzi with two women, butt nekkid, and throw the champagne glass back into the water. Just go out and kill off all the bad guys, and then get shot at the end or something. Then all the girls in the movie theater cry.”


    (Props to tetertan for the upload)

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