1. Beverly Fre$h — Not This Side (Hardcore Gangsta Rap Mix) (2012) (AUDIO).


    “...Bump on Devil’s Night or at your Halloween party…"

    Track List:

    Dre Dog — “Piece of my Mind”
    Natas — “Life After Death”
    Point Blank — “Point Blank”
    Insane Poetry — “Choppin Up A Body”
    Brotha Lynch Hung — “Return Of Da Baby Killa”
    X-Raided — “Still Shootin”
    Esham — “Pussy Aint Got No Face”
    House of Krazees — “Sounds of Halloween”
    Ganksta Nip — “South Park Psycho”
    Juicy J — “Gimme Head, Till I’m Dead”
    Insane Poetry — “Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter”
    Lil’ Elt & DJ Tee — “Get The Gat”
    Too Much Trouble — “Take The Pussy”
    DMG — “One In The Chamba”
    Ganksta Nip — “Now Watch ‘Em Drop”
    X-Raided — “Liquor, Niggaz and Triggaz”

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