1. POLL: Which Jeremy Lin Meme Is The Best? Part 2.

    Last week, with #Linsanity just taking flight we polled the egotripland readership for its favorite Jeremy Lin memes . With the Lin Effect still incredibly building momentum in week 2 with last night's Knick win over Sacramento, we figured it was time to take stock of some of the best JLin memes to hit the Internet (a/k/a the Lin-ternet) over the past few days . Let your voice be heard - again! Vote now!

    1. Yao-Lin.

    The image that inspired the Yao Ming "Fuck That"/"Dumb Bitch" meme newly paired with JLin captured in hearty mid-laugh. Not quite as heavily GTFOHWTB dismissive as Yao dolo, but still pretty damn amusing. (via Don't Get Comfortable )

    2. Jeremy Lin NBA Logo.

    The new NBA logo, a/k/a the LinBA logo. Wake up, Mr. (Jerry) West. For the time being, it's Lin's league. (via Buzzfeed )

    3. Hadouken!

    JLin: Street Fighter man.

    4. The Future.

    [Spike Lee's Malcolm X voice] Carmelo Anthony: "I am Jeremy Lin." Tyson Chandler: "I am Jeremy Lin." Amar'e Stoudamire: "I am Jeremy Lin." (via Know Your Meme )

    5. All My Asian Friends Keep Posting About Jeremy Lin.

    All this #Linsanity giving you a migraine? This meme's for you. (We see you, Floyd Mayweather.)

    Which Jeremy Lin Meme Is The Best? Part 2

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.nyctrust.com Monk Uno

      Nah, this one (courtesy @Baron_Davis) http://lockerz.com/s/184406421

    • Phill With 2 L's

      The NBA logo should read "Lin-B-A"

    • egotrip

      Baron clearly not familiar with: http://www.tsingtaobeer.com/

    • http://www.thefrozenfoodsection.com Tucker Booth

      don't make me call in linternal affairs on this case. favorite 60's classic rock song? Lin-A-Gadda-Da-Vi-Da!!!