1. Benzino Regrets the Beef with Eminem.

    Reality TV watchers know that controversial rapper and magazine publisher Benzino has been a regular on Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta . And some of you might also know that, in a strange twist, our own boss Mr. Ted Bawno and Zino, who were once rivals, are now actually cool with each other on the Twitter. Well, it seems some of that good will has rubbed off again on the former Made Man who recently confessed to Global Grind TV that his well-publicized feud with Eminem 10 years ago was “a mistake.” That’s right, Raymond is expressing regret about the battle and states, “I should have been more responsible.” Check out what else he said about what he would do and say if he were to run into Em today.

    Benzino on what he would do if met Eminem: “First I would want to apologize.”

    [Via Nah Right ]

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