1. Benji B and his String Ensemble (VIDEO).


    BBC Radio 1's Benji B recently went to the historic Maida Vale studios, hopped on the 1-and-2's, all the while accompanied with a 16-piece string ensemble for an all the way live mix. The resulting playlist sounds simply love-love , and posted here for your listening pleasure. When you're done, please help yourself to some behind-the-scenes footage to round out your evening.

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    Dwele - "A.N.G.E.L" Oakley Sunglasses Cheap
    Flying Lotus - "Do The Astral Plane" @3:47
    Ossie - "Love Crazy @8:23 Fake Oakleys
    Bok Bok - "Silo Pass" @11:19
    Wiley - "Highs n Lows" @16:28
    Cheap Oakley Sunglasses S-X - "Bricks" @18:34
    Timberland - "Ayo Technology" (Instrumental) @22:17
    Knockoff Oakleys TNGHT - "Higher Ground" @26:08
    Kanye West - "Clique" @29:27
    Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Drake - "Headlines" @34:11 Cheap Ray Bans
    Jeremih - "All The Time" @38:50
    Raphael Saadiq - "Skyy Can You Feel Me" @42:07 Fake Oakley Sunglasses

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Shabbaz

      Too much! Saw the Redbull show but this version is actually better as we see the expression on the faces of the musicians.

    • FranckO

      On some Miri Ben Ari ish. Shout out to Benji B.

    • hater_by_default

      UK publics TV tax/license payer money = wasted

      youtube search: Paul Dateh and Inka one "hip hop violin" <<< much better

    • http://about.qaidjacobs.com/ Qa'id

      Fine wine right there. Thoroughly enjoyed. I like to end my sets with Skyy Can You Feel Me too; I just tend to have one or two fewer stringed instruments backing me.