1. AUDIO: Beautiful Lou & Himanshu (Das Racist) – "Running Thru The Jungle" (Free Download).


    Producer Beautiful Lou hails from Texas and has got a name that sounds like a WWF wrestler manager. He's made beats for Lil B, but here he hooks up with Heems from Das Racist for a somnambulistic thriller found on the recently released Sumone 2 B Young With EP. Driven by a sleepy but hypnotic power chord and mushmouthed vocal snippets, the tight track is only half the fun as Himanshu brings it on the lyrical end, just as expected.

    Towards the end, he raps: "When Hima rappin' this is what happenin' / Everybody foot get to tappin'/ Everybody dance like they Latin/ Everybody's clothes turn to silk and to satin/ Everybody metal turn from silver to platinum/ Everybody set like director said, 'Action!'" Equally as entertaining is the song's seemingly never-ending, whisper-y conclusion.

    [Via Nah Right ]

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