1. ego trip Movie Night: Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique Record Release Party (1989).

    OK, OK, so this is not really a movie, but raw footage shot during the Beasties’ big day (June 29th, 1989) celebrating their landmark second album, Paul’s Boutique , atop the famous Capitol Records Building in Hollywood, CA. The roughly pieced-together 45+ minutes does have a bit of a, dare say, avant garde feel, though, makin’ it almost seem as if you’re watching a hip ‘n’ arty documentary as the first 15 minutes or so capture the happy sounds of the hired ragtime-y band, planes skywriting the band’s name above the clouds and various guests gettin’ their grub on (look for Pauly Shore and Beastie home slices Cey Adams, trim coordinator David Scilken (R.I.P.) and perpetually zooted photographer Ricky Powell). The Boys then sit down for an extensive interview in which they spend more time going off on tangents than actually answering questions, with Mike D doing most of the talking while Ad Rock gets distracted every five seconds and MCA, dipped in a Bad Brains t-shirt and rockin’ a beard like a billy goat, appears to have his mind elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean the Q+A isn’t entertaining as the group hits a wide variety of topics and name dropping, like (in no particular order): Led Zepplin references, Paco from 92 KTU, bagels and chitlins, payin’ dues, Barney Miller , Flintstones , samples, Jerry Garcia, New Riders of the Purple Sage, the Surgeon General, Ted Knight, Dolly Parton, Oprah, shrimp toast, Def Jam disses, Corey Haim, Debbie Gibson, Sam Sever, heavy metal, flat tops, TV weatherman Lloyd Lindsay Young, the Dust Brothers and disco. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, yo. (Rest in peace, Yauch.)

    “Yo, I ain’t shrimp toast!”

    (Props to siamesepuppy for the upload)

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