1. Four Times Dope: 4 Versions of The B.U.M.S’ “Take A Look Around” (VIDEO).

    Do you remember The B.U.M.S. ? The Bay Area duo consisting of rappers D.Wyze and Evocalist were down with Sway & Tech and managed to release one album, titled Lyfe’N’Tyme , through Priority back in 1995. The Brothas Unda Madness (got to love those ’90s acronyms) ‎got love on the underground tip but never achieved widespread commercial success. Their second single, “Take a Look Around,” had three official remixes, and since someone bothered to slap various versions of the track to the official music video and upload them to the Internetz, we might as well all listen and enjoy them shits because that’s what we often do around here, enjoy the shit out of good ’90s rap.


    The B.U.M.S. — "Take A Look Around" (Vinyl Reanimators Remix).

    (Props to BoomBap90s for the upload)

    The B.U.M.S. — "Take A Look Around" (Fredwreck Remix).

    (Props to VintageHipHopSeattle for the upload)

    The B.U.M.S. — "Take A Look Around" (Album Version Produced by Fredwreck).

    (Props to MrZinhani for the upload)

    The B.U.M.S — "Take A Look Around" (Groovebums Remix).

    (Props to DjGetBiz for the upload)

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