1. NEW MUSIC: Awesome In Outer Space (a/k/a, Quelle Chris) - "Bones For Girls."


    Awesome In Outer Space is apparently an alias of the great Quelle Chris' when dude is creating music in his synth wave mode (for a refresher please consult his fine podcast, Pants & Tights ). The evocatively titled Bones For Girls is a 13-track, 6 instrumental effort dedicated to the subject of love. Not in the perpetual puppydog eyes everything is double rainbows and whatnot sense. But love in all its awkward, tumultuous and often soul-crushing glory. With its well chosen found sound bytes ("#dckllmAkeUslapsumone" - um, we'll take your word for it), distinctively moody keyboard riffing and Chris' intermittent hushed vocals ("Without You"; a Carpenters cover, "Close 2 You" with Suzi Analogue) it's the ideal soundtrack to stalking someone - with love. Listen below, or buy it, HERE .

    And after the jump peep the Bones For Girls album teaser video - which will surely take you back to childhood memories of K-Tel compilation album TV ads... only if they featured clips of Danny Brown.

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