1. Shiznit We Slept On: “The Avengers” Fake 1978 Movie Trailer.

    Sure, the new Avengers movie might have state of the art 3-D and multimillion dollar special effects, but what it doesn’t have that this Youtube sensation that imagines what The Avengers might have been like if it were made as a late ’70s made-for-TV special does is bellbottoms, a bushy porn ‘stache on playboy millionaire Tony Stark, and most important of all, Hollywood Squares smart aleck Paul Lynde as arch villain Loki. Set to catchy afternoon game show style music, this fun-filled fan made trailer splices together all types of groovy superhero footage from the decade of disco, including the Lou Ferrigno version of The Incredible Hulk , and in a twist, combines it with parts from the campy flick KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park so that the face-painted rock gods are the “A” team’s enemies (check for Gene Simmons as The Destroyer). Those who grew up on television from this era will get an extra kick out of the Marvel character Hawkeye being Alan Alda from M.A.S.H. LOL. See the blockbuster that never was after the jump…

    The Avengers ’78 Movie Promo‬

    As far as we’re concerned, Paul Lynde was super, man.
    (Props to ‪YouTube user quarv‬ and big up to Ruby Filmz for posting this first.)

    ‪BONUS: The Avengers Fake 1952 Movie Trailer‬

    There’s old school then there’s old school. Fans of ’50s sci-fi/fantasy films will appreciate this one.
    (Props to ‪whoiseyevan‬)


    BONER: The Avengers Porn Parody Trailer (SFW)

    The following preview has been rated PG: Lexington Steele is Nick Fury. Dale DeBone is Iron Man. Chyna (the wrestler) is She-Hulk!
    (Props to nixbeyondhollywood for the upload)

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