1. NegroClash - "The Activator Mix" (FREE DOWNLOAD).

    Awwwww shit, we love - looooooooove - us some Summer Fridays here at egotripland HQ. And right about now there's no better soundtrack for starting the weekend obscenely early than this soul-glowy disco-boogie-funk-jackmasterful mix from NYC selectors par excellence DJ Lindsey, Prince Language, and Duane Harriott - renowned for joining forces as the NegroClash supa friends. "The Activator Mix" - "hosted" by none other than the OG galactic space traveler, Sun Ra - is the latest in Fool's Gold's Foolcas t series.

    Get it here . (Right-click, Save As).

    And pass us one of them drinks with the funny little umbrellas in it while you're at it.

  2. You might wanna peep...

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    • egotrip

      Pass the BBQ sauce. Its a party and it ain't even 4pm yet.