1. AUDIO: Monk One & Cool Calm Pete Mixes for Valentine’s Day 2011

    It doesn’t matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day – you can love it like a fat kid loves cake, you can hate it like you been sippin’ on haterade, or you can have mixed feelings like a mulatto. Whatever your feelings one thing’s for certain: you will enjoy these two hot mixes by our peeps and BLOGZ contributors, DJ Monk One and Cool Calm Pete.

    Monk’s set initially aired on WBAI’s “Underground Railroad” radio show 12 years ago today: an all vinyl anti-love movement with a nice dose of classic hip-hop right in the middle, beautifully unconventional and on fuego . If your honeydip digs it, you know you got a keeper. Listen to Monk’s mix here . Cool Calm Pete, as always, keeps it classy with some soul-stirring sounds custom made for the lovers and lonely hearts alike. Throw this one on whether you’re gonna bump uglies or throw back a few shots all by your lonesome to drink away the pain like Mobb Deep. Listen to Pete’s mix here . Enjoy!

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