1. DJ Treats – “The Infamous Adventures of Mobb Deep & The Alchemist” Mixtape (AUDIO).

    This is what you call a fundamentally sound mixtape concept. DJ Treats shrewdly collects a gang of the finest Mobb Deep/Prodigy/Alchemist collabs, adds a few intriguing interludes and sampled originals for good measure, and – voila! – the result is the strong-as-the-day-is-long The Infamous Adventures . Even after all the years of Havoc, Prodigy, and Al working together it’s tough not to be impressed by this tandem’s chemistry. And Treats’ obvious affection for the material – which runs from the Murda Muzik era right up through “Dogshit” – is nearly as infectious the tunes themselves (y’know – in that dark, ice-pick wielding, punch-you-in-your-face-just-for-livin’ way). Listen below or download here .

    DJ Treats Presents: The Infamous Adventures of Mobb Deep & The Alchemist Vol. 1 by iamdjtreats

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