1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Ashton Kutcher's South Asian Impersonation for Pop Chips Ad Campaign.


    Evidently, Ashton Kutcher does not give a fuck. Already chastised by media and fans for driving his poor ex-wife Demi Moore into total emotional and physical breakdown while he snaps his fingers with hotties both famous and not, the man who dared replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Metros is now doing a Pop Chips advertising campaign for the fictionalized "World Wide Lovers" dating service. In the web-based clips, the actor portrays a variety of bachelors lookin' for luh, including a transcendental white dreadhead, a hairy-ass biker - and most notably for racial thinkers, Raj, a brown-skinned, heavy-accented Bollywood producer type who wouldn't mind slippin' Kim Kardashian the bone. Check out Asston, we mean Ashton, in brown face after the jump...

    UPDATE: Apparently Pop Chips caught a lot of heat for this browface ad and pulled it. When you click on the video you get the message: This Video is Private. Wondering if it's only available to racially insensitive douchebags who like overpriced, trendy snacks, maybe.

    (Props to Jay Smooth )

  2. You might wanna peep...


      Do you call other comedians/ impressionists on shows like SNL or Sacha Cohen, or Lisa Lampanelli racist?!? Yet, you slam Ashton for a similar type of exaggeration! Its Supposed to be ridiculous & it Is funny, you Dumb Asses!! Stop being Overly sensitive!!