1. WATCH: ASAP Rocky — "Goldie" Music Video (NSFW).


    At the risk of upsetting Ye Olde Fuddy Duddy Rap Club, we bring you the music video for ASAP Rocky's "Goldie," the catchy, slow-like-molasses hit from the upcoming LongLiveASAP , which we freely admitted a while back that we rather enjoy . And, trust us, we're not posting this clip just because it features copious amounts of nubile naked female flesh (thus making it NSFW) . It ain't all about bare breasteses. The lavish video (directed by the young Harlemite himself), also finds Rocky and his right hand man Yams cruising in an exotic, expensive convertible in the heart of flashy Paris. Interspersed are flashes of gold plated everythang — fronts, jewelz, guns, sneakers. And, to answer your question, yes, there's nude college girls wearin' Rock's name on a chain. Peep the pulchritude after the hump...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • J

      It's not wack, but it is not very original is it?, to be honest I would much rather listen to old UGK than this, ASAP Rocky won't last long.

    • Yo balaa

      He might not last as a rapper we'll "LOVE" to listen, but I think he'll last as a celebrity.

    • Yo balaa

      PS: He's dope still.