1. WATCH: Artifacts "Everyday In The Street" (!llmind Remix) Music Video.

    WATCH: Artifacts “Everyday In The Street” (!llmind Remix) Music Video.

    Well, technically, this is an El Da Sensei single featuring Tame One and DJ Kaos from El's Nu World Remix EP . The Brick City trio reactivates that old mid-'90s energy (we hear a bit of the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" instrumental in the prelude to get you in the mood quicker) and shows that they still keep it gully in this literally cool video directed by Devin Gibson. How gully? Pissy mattress, GTA, guzzlin' 40s in 2012 gully.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      This would have run like 4x weekly on Rap City w/Chris The Mayor and that nuckka Prince Dejour! FRESH for all y'all suckas. Fuckaviacom/bet.

    • Steez Diamante