1. Art Show with Steve “ESPO” Powers. (VIDEO)

    Once upon a time, not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow, there was no such thing as the Internet to beam info to your dome 24/7. So chances are, if you were down with ego trip (the magazine) back in the day, you were also probably down with fellow ‘zine On The Go , and said ‘zine’s main man, Philly’s own Mr. Steve “ESPO” Powers, who has gone on to do great big things in the art world. Steve is a funny-ass cat, and one of our favorite artists. His hairstyle looks like 3rd Bass-era MC Serch to us, but he swears up and down it’s modeled after Cosmo Kramer, aight . If you don’t already know the dude, get familiar, not now, but right now. Watch this…

    [via 12ozProphet ]

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