1. SEE, HEAR: Arsenio Hall Animated Series Pilot (1990).

    Long before The Cleveland Show there was Cleveland City Limits a proposed animated series based on Arsenio Hall’s short-lived rap parody character Chunky A. Helmed by animation vet Jerry Brice (whose credits include work on everything from the He-Man cartoon to the Paula Abdul “Opposites Attract” music video to the prime time series King of the Hill ) and artist Overton Loyd (the man responsible for illustrating the Parliament Motor Booty Affair album cover), this pitched show never made it to air, reportedly running into the basic behind-the-scenes entertainment industry politics and bullshit.

    In this funky presentation, Arsenio (who egotripland is a big fan of for making stuff like this possible ) introduces various key characters including a White dude who thinks he’s Black named Alex and his bespectacled afrocentric buddy Spud who is obviously based on filmmaker Spike Lee. Listen closely and you’ll hear the voices of Esther Rolle, David Alan Grier and Rosie Perez. Sounds like this would have been a dope show. Too bad Hollywood has too many squares.

    (Props to Jerry Brice for the upload. To read more about this project, go HERE .)

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