1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Apple Won’t Sell To Iranians?

    Georgia’s WSBTV reports that a local Apple outlet, in a un-PC move, refused to sell products to two women last Thursday. The reason? An employee overheard them speaking to each other in Farsi. One of the women is a U.S. citizen and current student at the University of Georgia who already has a Macbook and iPhone and wanted to pick up an iPad, but ended up leaving the store in tears after apparently being racially profiled. Evidently, there has been at least one other case in Georgia of an Iranian customer being refused service. According to this news segment, current Apple policy supposedly prohibits the sale of products to Iranians without prior authorization from the U.S. government. Find out what a U.S. State Department rep had to say in the news clip …

    [Via 9 to 5 Mac . Thank you to jkahnjkahn for the upload.]

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