1. WATCH: Apathy ft. Celph Titled & DJ Premier - "Stop What Ya Doin'."

    WATCH: Apathy ft. Celph Titled & DJ Premier – “Stop What Ya Doin’.”

    Demigodz crew chiefs Apathy & Celph Titled have been making extremely clever and enjoyable irresponsible rap tunes for more than a minute now. The video for "Stop What Ya Doin'" (which we forgot to post last week because we failed to stop whatever it was we were doin') more or less perfectly condenses this aesthetic in four minutes and some seconds. Here, the duo crashes a toddler birthday party (spiking the punch in the process), vics a dude on crutches for a 40 oz., steals a boat with some tatted up broads in it, blazes up in the woods amidst some Mountain Dew commercial type hi jinx, and generally behaves unruly as a suited DJ Premier provides introductory words and intermittent scratch hooks. Hip-hop hooray for bad meaning bad (yet good). Apathy's Honkey Kong LP out now. Buy it here .

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