1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Anti-Semitic Elmo Whylin' in Central Park.


    New York City, peoples - we still got the wackos 'pon lock! Case in point: recent reports of a man wearing an Elmo costume spewing obscenity-filled, anti-Jewish tirades in Central Park . Police believe that this was not the first time the man had dressed as the beloved Sesame Street character and commenced a racial rant; previous instances have reportedly included him stopping and posing for pictures with children between unleashing his vitriol. After being ejected from the Zoo, and then the park altogether, anti-Semitic Elmo was taken away in an ambulance for psychiatric observation. Peep past video of Jew-hating Elmo in action...

    Is this Henry Ford-stan Elmo the same one who was taken away in an ambulance after causing a ruckus this weekend?

    (Props to for xxraggedyandyxx the upload)

    [Via Gothamist . H/T @monkuno)

  2. You might wanna peep...