1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Anti-Semitic Elmo Back, Arrested In Times Square.


    After (literally) making noise in Central Park this past summer hurling anti-Semitic vitriol at passers by (and being taken away in an ambulance and held for psychiatric observation), Jew-bashing Elmo back. The Elmo in question, 48-year-old Adam Sandler (no, not that Adam Sandler), was arrested in Times Square earlier this week and charged with disorderly conduct after, according to witnesses, embarking on yet another slur-infused diatribe. Hold your head high, Rotten Apple, we still - still - grimy as ever. Jew-bashing Elmos is the craziest.

    [via New York Times ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • big bird

      i love elmo and the police