1. WATCH: Animatronic Jay-Z Figure Nas Wanted To Hang at 2002 Summer Jam.


    Replica Oakleys No disrespect to Knockoff Oakleys Hologram Tupac Cheap Oakley Sunglasses , that's our ninja, but the Fake Oakleys Jay-Z effigy that Nas planned to lynch at the '02 Summer Jam might be a bit realer. Well, he was certainly too real for the Hot 97 powers that be who put a kabosh to Nasir's plan to hang a life-like replicant of his one-time rival on stage during the concert. Looking at this video, that might have been for the best.
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    The animatronic figure, which special effects artist Michael Burnett describes as being like the ones they got at Disneyland (yeah, except they didn't lynch Abraham Lincoln's ass out in Frontierland), was programmed to jolt and twitch after being dropped with a "rope" around its neck from an elaborately built gallows (Jay-Hova! How much did this thingamajig cost?) Needless to say, that shit woulda been cray... Replica Oakley Sunglasses

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    [Via Nah Right Cheap Oakley Sunglasses . Props to ‪Montreality514‬ for the upload]

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://clarencejohnson.tumblr.com clarence johnson

      Nobody's allowed to act surprised at how out of control Nas' finances are after reading about this fuckery.

    • http://jsnmidas.tumblr.com/ jason $#!T#E@D

      it looks like BEETLEJUICE

    • J-Definite

      Seeing some white cats get such a kick out of creating a black robot getting hung at the behest of a black dude (especially when the one dude is acting out the writhing a body would do after being hung)...the whole things pretty disturbing. A downturn in Nas' history for me.