1. AlphaFresh's Hip-Hop Greeting Cards Are D-E-F.


    Why send an eCard when you can bring out your inner K-Solo and send an "E" card, or any other letter for that matter, instead? Letters with styyyyyyle. Thats what these greeting cards featuring fresh-dipped initials from UK illustrator Tom Sparke have in vast abundance (goo goo gobs, we mean redundant). And they are a reasonable $5 bucks each. Just imagine your recipient receiving one of these in the ol' snail-mailbox and jumping for joy, doing alphabet aerobics (word to Blackalicious).


    Sorry folks, apparently the letters Q,U,Y,X,Y,and Z weren't available on the website. But maybe if you contact Tom, you'll luck out.
    [ AlphaFresh on Etsy ]

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