1. Aloe Blacc & DJ Rhettmatic — Circa 2004: Blaccmatic (ALBUM STREAM).


    Rhett celebrates his birthday by unlocking from the vaults a project with Aloe Blacc (back when he was a rapper) that he produced in '04.

    Rhettmatic says: ...What a lot of people may not also know that Aloe and myself recorded a whole album together back in 2004. "2004?!"….Yup, 13 years ago….Can you believe that? This is around the time when Aloe was attending USC and I was living in Long Beach and was still working at Fat Beats LA… How this project came about is basically, both Aloe and myself were at some type of crossroad in terms of what we wanted to do as artists, individually. Aloe was taking a break from Emanon in terms of exploring, recording solo projects and working with different artists....Exile was in the process of becoming the producer he is known today by working on his own solo projects as well as crafting an album with a young, talented MC by the name of Blu. As for me, I was also trying to expand my horizons as a producer. Everyone knows me mostly for being a DJ/Turntablist from the Beat Junkies and the only production work that I did that people are aware of is with the Visionaries. I wanted to branch out and work with different artists as well to see what else I can do that I can't normally do with my own group. I was lucky enough to have Aloe open to the idea [of] working with me. Around this time period, I was solely using the Akai MPC2000 for my main production equipment and made a few beats on the EMU SP1200 drum machine... We recorded 14 songs but had really 11 strong songs. I just remember listening to our project and saying "Wow...Aloe is incredible!" The plan was to shop the project, but it never got a chance to materialized because we both went on to other things: Aloe got signed as solo artist on Stones Throw and I went to work on the 4th Visionaries' album We Are The Ones .

    (To read Rhettmatic’s full statement, go here )

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