1. Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas Del Ritmo — “¡Cumbéalo!” b/w “Bu-Ga-Luz” (AUDIO).

    Names You Can Trust says: The Poets Of Rhythm have a legendary track record in modern music. Recording under multiple aliases and a revolving-door membership list, the German group were pioneers in the revival of gritty funk and soul music, bursting on the scene in the 1990s championing a raw recording style that directly influenced Daptone, Quantic and others. Never a group to be pegged into one particular style, the Poets have successfully taken that ultra gritty realism into styles of West African Funk, Ethiopian Groove, and now, for the first time on record, courtesy of Names You Can Trust, Afro-Peruvian Cumbia. Led by drummer / multi-instrumentalist Max Weissenfeldt and Peruvian guitarist Alex Mendoza, this new iteration of the Poets blitzes its way through two original takes on cumbia. Alex Mendoza’s quintessentially Peruvian style psychedelic guitar licks lay a sabor never heard before onto Max’s typically raw and funky percussion style. Viva la Poetas del Ritmo!

    (Available on 7” vinyl)

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