1. It’s The Alchemist's Lost Cable Access Show From the ‘90s (VIDEO).


    Premiered over at Passion of the Weiss , it’s your pal Al (aka Mudfoot ) hosting Funkee Phlavaz , a local Beverly Hills only rap show from 1993 produced by Adam Weissman (Creative Director at Stüssy and also member of Pollyn ) that aired on KBEV back when the friends were about 15 years old. Segments filmed at Fred Segal and Larry Parker’s. Mad rap videos ( Pharcyde fans take note), plus a quick cameo from Apache (RIP) in episode 2. Definitely worth peeping, especially if you miss shit like The Box. (More episodes to come...)


    [Via Passion of the Weiss . For more info, please go here ]

    Funkee Phlavaz Episode 3 (VIDEO).

    Hosted by King Tee.

    Funkee Phlavaz Episode 4 (VIDEO).

    Featuring The Pharcyde.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • axelf

      ahahaha this great!

    • Frank Adam Brenner

      Man, raps were so much better back then. I knew it was good then, but upon reflection, it was ridiculously better. Alchemist! Straight sittin' with a cappuccino. This s_ts mad great.