1. Play To Win.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • El Gato Volador

      I love how everyone is eulogizing Al like he was a saint. Has it really been that long since "Stop givin' juice to the Raiders - 'Cause Al Davis never paid us"?

    • egotrip

      Al was no saint, true, but some people forget Davis hired the first Black and the first Latino head coaches in the NFL (Art Shell & Tom Flores). He even promoted the first female (Amy Trask) to a CEO position with the Raiders. That Cube line was always a little misguided if you ask us.

    • egotrip

      Also FWIW, some of us at ego trip rooted for the Raiders BITD, some of us hated them. Al molded them in his image. There are two good think pieces on Davis over at Grantland by Chuck Klosterman & Peter Richmond: