1. OHM Dedication Series #3 - Ahu presents Blossom Dearie (AUDIO, Free Download).


    We always look forward to One Handed Music's Dedication Series of mixes. The label's latest features Turkish singer Ahu - best known for her work with the likes of Flying Lotus, Mr Beatnick, Grooveman Spot, and OHM's own Paul White - presenting a program of delectable tracks by cult jazz vocal favorite, Ms. Blossom Dearie . Beat-heads are no doubt familiar with Dearie's funkier-n-bangers-n-mash "rare groove" classic, "I Like London In the Rain." But homegirl's repertoire boasts mad clever styles - as Ahu explains in her dedication. Read on, listen, and DL for free...


    I love love love her music, especially her lyrics, and think Blossom Dearie is under-rated. I'd like to dedicate this mix to everyone who loves listening to jazz, radio plays and also laughing!

    1 - Someone's Been Sending Me Flowers
    2 - I'm Hip
    3 - Rhode Island Is Famous For You
    4 - Boum
    5 - I Like London In the Rain
    6 - The Shape of Things
    7 - Everything I've Got Belongs to You
    8 - My Attorney Bernie
    9 - Long Daddy Green
    10- He Loves Me
    11- Blossom's Blues

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://toiletries.wordpress.com Hudson

      Diamond D looped Blossom for the intro of Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop. I used it on this mix: http://soundcloud.com/dj-hudson/after-school-special

    • http://toiletries.wordpress.com Hudson

      ...and great mix! Nearly forgot to say while indulging in shameless self promotion. Is Blossom still doing her weekly show in NYC?